Business Intelligence Solutions

For many years meaningful data insights into business activity was the domain of large enterprise. Concepts such as data-warehouses, data modelling and dynamic insights were reserved for those with deep-pockets. No longer. The new generation of business intelligence software solutions have made managing, analyzing and using data more equitable for business’ of any size.

Wolf & Bear Services are specialists in turning your data into actionable insights. Whether you are in finance, services, retail, materials or logistics, we have solutions for your business.

Driving a business is no different to driving a car: focus on your speed (sales), RPM (costs), warning lights (margins) and fuel level (cash/reserves). Effective data-driven reporting dashboards can make managing your business like driving your car – settle in and drive.

Our customers already engage solutions covering:

  • Price tracking and management systems.
  • GPS tracking and logistics management.
  • Asset utilisation and whole-of-life  asset management solutions.
  • Finance management dashboards (revenues/costs/margins).
  • Complex metrics and data analytics.