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Intelligent Business Through Business Intelligence TM

Business in the 21st Century is driven by data. It helps us to make decisions, design plans and share ideas. For a long time ‘data’ was the domain of spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations but in today’s world data is dynamic and fluid.

Many businesses and industries collect huge amounts of data without even realising it – all of those email addresses, eftpos transactions, website visits… they are all data points that can be analysed and turned into actionable business strategies.

The team at Wolf & Bear Services are experts in capturing, analyzing and actioning data. From website design, marketing strategy, operations procedures to strategy planning and pricing, our team are ready to help you build and grow your business.


We specialise in delivering business intelligence solutions to business’ both large and small at a budget that suits your needs. Working with industry leading platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, we can guide you on the right path to capture, interrogate and action your data.

We offer our services in pre-agreed fixed-price ‘sprints’. This means that you can rest easy knowing that unlike some other consultancies, there won’t be any cost blow-outs, or project over-runs. What we quote is what we charge.