About Us

Wolf & Bear Services was founded to deliver ‘big-business’ intelligence, management and solutions to the SME market. We deliver business intelligence and IT solutions to suit any budget. Employing a range of software platforms including open-source offerings (such as PostGRESQL) to deliver enterprise-level systems at a reasonable cost without compromising security or functionality.

Our Vision

Every business deserves access to information that drives data-based decision making strategies.


Our founder and principal consultant:

James spent 15 years working in construction equipment rental with market leaders Coates Hire and Onsite Rentals. Starting in customer facing roles in branches, James rose to roles in commercial analysis and pricing/systems management. Now in his forth year of private enterprise, James is still passionate about delivering solutions for customers that meet their expectations and goals within their budgets.

James holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing/E-commerce) and a Masters in Media Communications.